Restorative Transformations

   by Carol Chocklett at QuantumXformations

Life is an Adventure

How do you define yourself?  Is it by what you do or the work you do? Who you are related to?  What has happened to you? By how others perceive you?

You are so much more than just this body roaming around on Earth.  What is your purpose here?  And how do you express it?

You have a choice to expand your awareness to enjoy a richer, fuller life, to take care of yourself and release old thought forms, old ways of thinking, old ways of being.  You have a choice to be in or come back into balance, back into harmony with your true self.

May your life be filled with the joy of living and the richness life has to offer.  My sessions for humans and animals include these certified modalities:

              Medical Qi Gong   *  Quantum Biofeedback

     Acu Kinesiology   *  Hypnotherapy   *   Quantum Touch

     The Emotion Code  *  Applied Clinical Nutrition *  


 Products offered: for Infrared In light therapy products ID# US34727 Bemer products ID# J235946 for Biocell and Healthy Products ID# 701022 for Young Living Oils

Natures Sunshine Products ID# 195615

I offer these products because I find them helpful but do not "push" them. Copy and paste the ID Number into the appropriate box on each website or call me for more information.